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Lauren Klever Interview

Well, we are back after a brief holiday respite and my first interview of the year is with YA author, Lauren Klever. Lauren has written 3 books, has a fourth in the works, and as most authors do, has many more ideas taking up space in her mind.

Tell us about your books/What genre do you consider your books? I write young adult novels. I figure I’m a kid at heart and it’s a great outlet! So far I have published three books in my Secret Watchers series. I’m working on book four and I’m playing around with a dystopian.

When did you start writing? I’ve been a writer my whole life but I got serious about it in 2011.

Why do you write? I write because I genuinely LOVE it.

What would be your choice for a superpower?Teleportation would be pretty darned cool but I think foresight would be the most useful.

Who is your favorite author? Oooohh that’s tough. I like different things about different people but if I must pick just one… JK Rowling.

What are you reading now?I’m reading three indie books that I need to review: Simon Okill’s Phantom Bigfoot Strikes Again (Phantom Bigfoot Series Book #1), Cheryllynn Dyess’ Resolution (Jein's Journey Book #2) and Robert Shaw’s The Scare.

Who is your favorite character to write?Owen Ryer is my favorite. There are other characters I love but he is the most fun.

Do you have a writing process? Yeah, it’s called quick write that down! I take a notebook wherever I go, to jot down ideas and then it’s a blend of longhand and typing at my computer. I get a big idea in my head and then I start playing with it. I put story bits into my computer and then I work at blending them all together.

What advice would you give to an aspiring author? Start now! Try some writing and then start sharing it with friends and family. Listen to what they have to say. Once you have worked on it a little more, then share it with people you don’t know. Remember that negative comments usually have some truth or value in them and it not about you personally. Hold your head up. It takes courage to share your writing. (That was the hard part for me. I wanted to defend myself to those rare folks who gave me one or two stars. It is best not to engage them and to remember that what you write is not for everyone.) Trust me… it gets lots easier over time. The first bad review is the worst and then you realize that it makes you look like a real person. When the good reviews come or I hear from readers who love my work, it feels like Christmas to me – EVERY single time!

What inspired you to pursue writing?Well, I kept it quiet for quite a while but the real story is that I was mad. I had just completed a second Master’s degree in education when our school district started cutting. I have kids in school so I could only drive so far to work and we didn’t want to move. I was frustrated that my friends were getting laid off and that all the sub jobs were going to the laid-off teachers. Don’t get me wrong, they totally deserved something but it put my family in a real pickle because my income dropped like a rock. I took all that angst and used it to build a character who could change the world!

What are your favorite TV shows/Movies to watch in between writing?I am a huge action adventure junkie. Yep, you heard it right! I love James Bond, Jason Bourne, NCIS, CSI… you get the picture. I’ve already seen Catching Fire twice. Did I mention I was a big kid? Thought so.

What are your current projects?I am hard at work finishing The Secret Watchers series… make that Owen Ryer’s adventures. There may be more books in The Secret Watchers universe. I’m working on a dystopian adventure with a female protagonist. My son and I are talking about a fantasy adventure story with dragons, swords and castles. I also have plans for a children’s book. One theme that stands out in all these pieces is the underdog becomes a success through hard work and integrity.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to readers?Big hugs, guys! I love my readers and I love hearing from them. Never give up on your dreams and don’t stop reading!

Quick Fire:Cats or dogs?  Both
Coffee or tea?  Both
Favorite food?   Salad
Vanilla or chocolate ice-cream?  Vanilla
What are 3 things you never leave home without?  A writing stick (pen or pencil), notepad and Burt’s Bees.  I may forget my cell phone but I’ve always got lip balm.
Laptop or desktop?  Desktop
Who are 3 famous people you would to hang out with?   JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins and Rick Riordan.
TV or Movies?  Movies!

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Lauren, thanks for stopping by and sharing your story with us. And, as always, I will see you all in Wothlondia...


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