Monday, October 26, 2015

What happened to Glenn on The Walking Dead?

**SPOILERS BELOW, so if you haven't watched last night's episode, go away***

Okay, so, first off, I haven't written a blog post in a while about anything and here I am again, but I'm quite off topic. BUT, the reason for the post has everything to do with writing, speculation, and where you might go with the story line, etc.

That said, here is my take on what happened last night on #TWD.

Dead or Alive?
I believe Glen is somehow alive still. The way they filmed it, did not confirm his death last night on Talking Dead​, makes me think that he is still alive. just my initial guess.

Secondly, and this is completely from the dark side of my brain, and what I would do if I was writing this show, is really mind-eff the audience.

If I were writing The Walking Dead, I might do something along the lines of...Glenn is alive, but when someone goes back to the area, they find his pocket watch, and some other belongings that are unmistakably his.

They bring the materials back to the camp, while glenn is either lost (he repeatedly asked Nicholas 'which way?!' last night) OR he is taken by the Wolves (who may or may not be working with ENID, yes, yet another theory) and cannot find his way back so the group believes he is dead.

Maggie, in turn, takes her own life before Glenn finally escapes/returns, only to find this happened and...well....its The Walking Dead, so you can guess the rest. 

Now, what would you do or what do you think will happen next? PLEASE DISCUSS!

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