Orcs and Goblins (Goblinoids): These once-peaceful humanoids have unnervingly and surprisingly begun an aggressive and deadly uprising of which there was no warning. The Bonemasher clan, which is one of the largest orc clans in the known world, has recently attacked the Chansuk barbarians in the south. Speculation has begun regarding whether or not this was an isolated incident or the start of something more malevolent.

Not all goblinoids have taken this aggressive stance, but some racism has ensued due to the attacks and if left unchecked, may begin the start of something irreversible.

Slagfell Dwarves: This once common subrace of dwarves is referred to as slagfell dwarves by the populace of Wothlondia. They are pale-skinned dwarves that have descended far beneath the earth in search of treasures. They showed an exceptionally powerful greed, even for dwarves, and willingly plunged deeper into the Subterrane a thousand years ago and remain there today, embracing it as their home.

They are completely obsessed with treasure and feel shunned by their brethren, the common dwarves, who actively scolded them, thinking them unwise to dangerously pursue their deepest of desires in the first place. The slagfell have spent many centuries beneath the earth’s surface and have slightly mutated to adjust. They have adapted to the darkness and the lack of sunlight over the last hundred years, evolving their nightvision into something keener, while at the same time, are extremely sensitive to the rays of the sun.

Their bodies are similar to the dwarves, but their skin has turned pale and grey in color. They are also slightly less stocky than the common dwarves found on Wothlondia as their diet is more restrictive, which lends itself to a more natural maneuverability and agility instead.

Slagfell brand themselves, mostly on their heads and necks and chest, which represents a family hierarchy or rank within their own clan. The more markings they have, the higher rank they are. This is an accepted and well known feature amongst their own kind.

Shadowmere is the premier city of the Slagfell Clan and harbors the most of their kind, ruled by King Dolgrath Bloodstone. There are further offshoots of Clan Shadowmere and speculation from King Dolgrath is that he believes several of them defected decades ago, but none have been seen since. As far as he knows, they could be anywhere.

Shadowmere is a large civilization hidden deep within the subterrane of the Dragon Fangs Mountains, where there are many dark and deadly dangers that would end a surface folk’s life very quickly. The city is vast and well-protected, surrounded by hundreds of areas, rich with ore for mining and all within several miles of the city. It is located deep within the subterrane on its lowest levels and is essentially dull and dreary, as they avoid reflective surfaces.

Taur: The taur are a race of creatures that all have the typical bull-head of the race with a humanoid upper body and a bull-like lower form, including hooves for feet and a tail. They are hairy and tend to appear as fierce and intimidating creatures. The males are referred to as tauro while the females are known as taura. They tend to have a short temper and are often employed as mercenaries or even bodyguards.

Ogres: Ogres are large and vicious, somewhat unintelligent brutes. They have discolorations, making their skin appear yellowish in tone with warts and bumps all over. They appear muscular but also bloated especially around the belly and appear two to three times the size of a human. They generally have dark, greasy hair and dark eyes, rarely varying in these traits and some of them stoop, having terrible posture. They have sharp teeth and claws on their hands and feet and tend to group themselves into clans, some even as barbarian tribes.

Succubi: This race of sentient, female half-demons, or cambions, can emit a pheromone that tends to bend the minds of their victims—man or woman—essentially seducing them into following them and doing their bidding. These victims are called thralls in the succubi world. Succubi can take the form of a beautiful, humanoid, albino female. Their true form is of a demonic nature with wings, sharp fangs, glowing eyes and solid claws. They can drain the life force from an individual, using the life force they steal in order to keep themselves alive and youthful. This is done usually with a prolonged touch or a kiss (preferably). They are essentially immortal as long as they can employ their parasitic ability. They are all descendants of the Demon Queen of Pandemonium, Lilith. The direct offspring of Lilith lead the succubi and are referred to as Aspects. These Aspects are pure demons that are direct descendants of one particular demon lord and Lilith and their offspring are labeled their brood.

Tyrantians: These creatures of unknown origin have chitinous hides and appear in various parts of the realm, usually seen emerging from underground caverns. They appear to be as giant insects of some kind. Speculation continues as to whether or not they are supernatural, magical or simply giant insects that have somehow mutated. They can appear very differently in color, texture, appearance and have varying types of attacks which have not all been documented thoroughly. Wothlondian scholars and researchers understand without question that they have many weapons at their disposal. One thing in common is that they all seem able to spew a venomous toxin that often ends with deadly results.

There have been at least four types of known Tyrantians spotted. First are the most common of the creatures, often seen moving across the face of Wothlondia, sometimes in droves. These are called Tyrantian Crawlers, with two sets of arms. One set are spear-like appendages that end in vicious points while the second pair of arms have finger-like digits—three and a thumb—which they use to grab their prey. They have jaws with sharp teeth which can tear flesh quite easily. They also reportedly can leap to begin their assault, attempting to impale or ground their opponents beneath them at the onset of their attack. The crawlers have been known to release a poison with their bite if the victim remains held for more than a few seconds.

Secondly are the Tyrantian Worms, which appear to tunnel up from below the ground, using their huge gaping maws and mandibles that surround the jaw to attack their prey. They are able to inject venom from their tail stingers. Tyrantian Worms do not possess any discernible eyes.

The third variant of the creatures is called the Tyrantian Skimmer. This fierce insect can be seen flying low to the ground and moving at incredible speeds, despite their size. These creatures fly past their victims, using a spear-like stinger to inject the victim with a poison that will spread through the body and eventually melt the victim, if the stinger doesn’t kill the victim outright.

Finally, the last known creature is called Tyrantian Larvae. These creatures are about the size of a small dog and hop along the floor at a fast pace. The few reports from victims that have seem them and survived claim that upon killing a larva, the creature explodes and an acidic poison is said to burst from the corpse. It explodes in a small radius and melts flesh and bone in mere seconds.

Tyrantians can be found in varying sizes with the largest ones rumored to be bigger than ogres. One eyewitness claims to have seen one of the Tyrantian Worms emerge from beneath his small farm to swallow a pair of cows whole before disappearing, leaving nothing but a gaping hole in its wake. 

No one knows where these creatures come from and speculation is that unknown types of Tyrantian have yet to be discovered.