Gods of Order~

The Mariner – god of the seas (anchor)
The Shimmering One – god of the sun and positive energy (radiant sun)
The Dreamer – goddess of the moon, dreams and luck (star)
Mistress of the Hunt – goddess of beasts and animals (animal paw)
The Champion – god of war and conflict (hammer crossing a sword)
The Reaper – god of death and degenerative energy (skull)
The Harvester – goddess of nature, forests and wisdom (tree)
The Cherished One – goddess of love, pleasure and passion (rose)
The Watcher – god of the sky and weather (eye)
The Maker – god of crafting and fire (anvil with fire)

Archdemons/Demon Lords~

Abaddon – demon lord of war and destruction
Asmodai – lord of lust
Sammael – lord of pride and hubris
Leviathan – lord of envy, the serpent
Mammon – lord of greed
Ba’al – lord of gluttony and famine
Amon – lord of anger and wrath
Belphegor – lord of sloth and wealth
Lilith – Demon Queen of Pandemonium
Thanatos – the demon god of death and the devourer of corpses.
Mortius – demon lord of the undead
Belial - lord of trickery
Charon – the deliverer of souls to Pandemonium, the angel of death
Hecate – queen of necromancy and black magic
Merihim – lord of pestilence and disease