The Realm of Ashenclaw~ (A Brief History)

Before the attack of Ashenclaw and her kin, the continent of Wothlondia had a growing populace and was the only land in which there were civilized, intelligent races on the world called Krotto

These races intermingled and traded peacefully, communicating and living in coexistence. The trading methods used by the people were many, but the coinage remained the same throughout the land as copper, silver and gold coins were the main currency. 

Many of the races contributed to keeping the whole of Wothlondia safe. The elves were plentiful in and around the forests, keeping them clean and secure, while the humans built villages outside the forest, while both races harvested food on the soil. Dwarves lived in peace in the uppermost portions of the subterrane as well as the edges of the surface world, mining and building their magnificent kingdoms. They all traded with one another and developed routes of travel. The gnomes, halflings, orcs, goblins and other intelligent races kept to themselves at first, trading sporadically when the need arose. Then, a century prior to the drake attacks, all were amicably exchanging goods and services. These races came to be known as the Races of Order collectively by the people of Wothlondia. There was a common language that emerged for trading that each race learned and taught their own in order to communicate. The language was referred to as trade-speak, or Wothlondian, and is still practiced and taught to each subsequent generation as to never forget.

For many decades there was peace on Wothlondia, until a large contingent of scorching drakes emerged to lay waste to its inhabitants. The swarm was led by the largest fire-breathing dragon ever recorded in history. This particular drake was given the name Ashenclaw, five times the size of any other dragon, and ten times as deadly. The dragons began burning and engulfing the nation in flames until it was all but incinerated. Ashenclaw was eventually discovered to be the queen of the scorching drakes just before she and her kin reduced the civilized world to smoldering embers.
Then suddenly, without warning, the dragons disappeared.

In the years preceding Ashenclaw's arrival, trade between the races began to slow. Trade routes and caravans were frequently attacked by trolls, slagfell, ogres, succubi and other creatures emerging from the subterrane. Many demons and other evil creatures also conspired to interfere with the racial harmony. Through varying means of manipulation, both verbal and supernatural, they influenced many into treacherous acts against the good folks of the realm. 
The year is 66 PA (Post Ashenclaw) and the general order of the land is still in a flux, with several cities rebuilt to their former glory, some yet in the process and still many more lay in ruin. There are many scavengers and dangers roaming the land, trying to find food, shelter and the like. Travel is generally treacherous, but is still undertaken with armed escorts, as many cities have resumed trade and need to import/export goods in order to continue or to start rebuilding.


Known Cosmology~

. Central plane (Krotto)
. Plane of shadow
. Arcadia (heavens)
. Pandemonium (hell)
. Elemental planes: fire, air, water and earth
. Regenerative plane (holy/healing)
. Degenerative plane (necromantic/harmful)
. Arcana (supernatural power)
. Feyfields (magic of nature)
. Ethereal (dream-like)

The Calendar~

Month Month Name Present Name
1 Winter's Bite January
2 Winter's Heart February
3 Winter's Fade March
4 The Deluge April
5 Nature's Call May
6 Sun's Burn June
7 Mid-Summer July
8 Summer's Fade August
9 The Calming September
10 Nature's Fall October
11 The Chilling November
12 Winter's Veil December





Days of the Week~

The days of the week were named after the moon and the sun first, then each of the remaining five days were named after a glorious and righteous king from several races, including the humans, elves, dwarves, orcs and half-elves.
This was agreed upon centuries ago and has remained constant, regardless of any conflict or ill will there has been between any of them.
Day Name Present
1 Sun's Day Sunday
2 Moon's Day Monday
3 Tous' Day Tuesday
4 Weena's Day Wednesday
5 Thurin's Day Thursday
6 Frya's Day Friday
7 Sartur's Day Saturday