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Jessica Jones Review

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I wanted to chime in on the Jessica Jones series that just dropped last weekend on Netflix. I finally finished it. 


****Spoilers ahead**** If you haven't finished watching the 13 part series, turn back now!
You've been warned....

First off, I wanted to say that it was very well done (4.5 out of 5 stars)--well-written and acted alike. Krysten Ritter surprised me in the role, able to pull off the ‘superhero’ moments better than I would have expected. The character she portrays is certainly dark and tormented, which we have seen from her before (Breaking Bad leaps to mind), but I wasn’t expecting much in the way of action, but she pulled it off very well.

The performers were extremely well cast and I enjoyed the acting choices of Luke Cage (Michael Colter), Patricia "Trish" Walker (Rachael Taylor) and especially Kilgrave (David Tennant) in particular. Even the supporting cast of characters were excellent in their portrayals, moving along the character development of Jessica, and fleshing out the world just a little bit more for the viewer.

I very much enjoyed Wil Traval’s version of the Will Simpson character, and when he said ‘gimme a red’, I got chills. Comic Book fans of Daredevil back in the mid 80’s will know the reference (and yes I know he was in other stuff, but Frank Miller’s writing is second to none.)

Rachael Taylor cast as Patricia Walker also ‘nailed it’, (plus she is some serious eye candy), and the character had some serious depth and she portrayed it well, fighting the demons from her past. The fact that she lives in a fortress, takes Krav Maga (I believe), and is willing to do whatever it takes to save Jess, really adds to her character depth as well as her love of Jessica. I think she was a wonderful choice for what I assume will soon be the hero known as Hellcat in the upcoming Defenders series.  The fight between her and Simpson in Jones’ apartment was extremely well choreographed too, almost as good as the one at the end of episode 2 of Daredevil (the hallway fight scene).

Be my Hellcat?
David Tennant played Kilgrave-- an extremely juvenile, twisted, egocentric mess of a man--to a “T’. His portrayal was good enough to win an award, in my humble opinion. His whimsical approach and his simplistic yet misguided disregard for anyone or anything, is undeniable. It is also pathetic to the point where he tugs at your heartstrings ever so slightly for pangs of sympathy, due to his childhood and lack of guidance over the years.

On to the minor quibbles…why no mention of Daredevil or anyone in Daredevil, until episode 13? I mean, they were dealing with lawyers for Chrissake?! I thought this one major ball drop could have at least been rectified by even mentioning the firm of Nelson and Murdock Law Office in their travels. The only way this is forgivable would be to say that the firm hadn’t existed yet, but the arrival of Nurse Claire Temple would indicate that the time frames are somewhat parallel.

Okay, so no Murdock, or any mention of he or Foggy, and I can understand it to a point. That point being that they wanted the show to stand on its own. I applaud that noble idea. But, as i said, a few name-drops would have been amazing as they are not only the same universe, but they are both in Hell's Kitchen! I cant believe that the characters have never bumped into each other. No mention of Fisk, or Landman and Zack, where Foggy's ex-girlfriend works, or anything else really identifiable, that would have tied the two series together. I know they mentioned the 'incident', the 'green guy', and the 'flag-waver', but it would have been nice to see someone else from the Daredevil series (no disrespect to Rosario Dawson.)

So, all in all, the series was excellent, and well worth watching. I cant wait to see Luke Cage, Iron Fist, the Defenders, and above all, more Rachael Taylor, hopefully gouging out the villain's eyes as Hellcat! 

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