Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kindle or Nook? Something Else?

Just a curious question I had the other day, talking to some friends. As an indie writer and self-publisher, I am curious if it is worth diving into the world of Nook. Would doing the Smashwords thing expose my book to more e-readers and readers alike? I initially released one of my books on the Nook and it met with limited results.

The big question: Is it worth leaving the Kindle KDP Select? I’ve heard mixed reviews…

First of all, do you have a kindle or Nook? I am assuming if you read, you have an e-reader. I personally have a kindle—just the reader, not the fire—and I do like it. And I know there are other devices out there: Kobo, iPad, tablets, etc. As a matter of fact, some might say that a tablet is even better than the kindle/Nook as they can just download the app. ID that is the case, are you doing the kindle or Nook app?

Anyway, I was toying with the idea of making my work available again for the Nook, but am wondering how many readers actually ignored the 800 pound gorilla that is the kindle to get the Nook instead? Many? Based on some numbers I had seen and forecasting, the Nook and B&N might be in some trouble. Then in other recent news, I heard that the Nook might be bought by Microsoft, so who knows? Again, that is all speculation. Another interesting tidbit is that Amazon, as of an article in March, is going to buy Goodreads. How will that affect book sales?

I am asking you, the reader, what do you use if you have the choice: Kindle or Nook?

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  1. I bought a Nook HD last month for Mother's Day. The sale price was too much to resist and it's a great all around tablet. I read on it. I watch video on it. I listen to internet radio on it. It's also easy to sideload my personal content on to it, which is important for me. It also lets me set up separate profiles for my kids so they can play with it and not screw up my stuff. I suppose all these things are available on Kindle devices too. My mom has gone through a couple kindles and likes them well enough. I ended up buying a Nook because I looked at them every time I was in B&N and having a sales person who could show me everything about it was very helpful. I can also stop by the store and ask for tech help during the day if I want. I have also started shopping in the Nook store too.

    As an author I have been selling in all outlets available to me for years. I was in B&N and iTunes and Kobo and Sony before kdp select even started. So going exclusive with Amazon was an unthinkable option for me. I'd have to give up thousands in revenue to even try. I have sales in all ebook retailers. They add up to about half my annual income. I'm happy to be in Amazon too, but I just could not imagine going exclusive with anyone retailer. I want to reach readers anywhere and anyway.

  2. Great insight, Tracy. Appreciate the help and opinion. That being said, did you do the Smashwords thing? I am having trouble trying to find an audience exclusively with Amazon and was wondering what to do next. Any advice?

    1. Yes, I use Smashwords and am quite happy with the company. I get sales through all their retail partners, surprisingly even Sony, but mostly B&N, Apple, and Kobo. It all adds up.

  3. I own an iPad. I have a Kindle app, Stanza (which can handle PDF and ePub), and iBooks. I use all three to varying degrees. I didn't even know there was a Nook app... If I buy a book, I generally check to see if it's available on Smashwords first because I like their rights policies best and I can download to Stanza, my favorite eReader app. If not Smashwords, I tend to buy from Amazon. I never buy from B&N. The most I ever do there is post reviews.

    I have been known to chose Amazon over Smashwords when I have gift cards to use up (did it recently).

    As for KDP Select, I've heard people that did wonderful with it and those that thought it was useless. The lending library is really nice but your readers have to prime and they have to have a Kindle, not an app. This is rather limiting and frustrating to readers. I hate having to buy a book, even though I have prime and it says $0.00 to borrow to Prime Members. Bastages.

    I know several people with a Nook, one with a Kindle Fire. I think there are probably quite a few people that either choose a tablet or smartphone for their reading device, since most people have one or the other anymore.

  4. The great advantage to Smashwords is that it makes your book available to non-Kindle-ereader owners, and there's lots of them. I say get your books out there in as many formats as possible, Gary, so a new audience can discover your wonderful writing.

  5. Yes, I am tending to think Smashwords might be the way to go. I am under KDP select through June, so I will look forward to trying the other distributors. Every sale counts! Thanks, Steph, Danielle and Tracy for commenting and contributing to the discussion!