Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last Day to Get FREE eBooks!


LAST DAY to claim 2 (that's right, two!) SKULLDUST CIRCLE titles for FREE! 

Two great fantasy books
Please show William and I your support by downloading it to your Kindle, phone, eReader or PC. If you need the kindle APP for your PC, simply click the link at the top right hand section of my blog and it will prompt you to download it from AMAZON, FREE of charge!


Part two of In the Shadow of the Black Sun, Shards of S'Darin will be free. William is generating interest in his epic fantasy series by offering book 2 for free in the hopes that those who download it will also purchase Part one, A Dream of Storms for $2.99.

Also available is Embremere, the first book in a new fantasy series aimed at a more Young Adult audience. Read the sample and give that one a try as well.

    To celebrate the release of his latest short story "Tears of Blood", Gary Vanucci's, "A Rose in Bloom" will be free all weekend. "A Rose in Bloom" is Part 2 in the Wothlondia Rising series, (though they could be read in any order) detailing the backgrounds and personal histories of the main characters from the Realm of Ashenclaw and the full-length fantasy novel, Covenant of the Faceless Knights: Beginnings. Do yourself a favor. Grab "A Rose in Bloom" for free, then grab the other short stories (Links on the right-hand sidebar of SKULLDUST CIRCLE) that have been released so far at 99 cents each. Great stories, great price.

    Thanks for stopping by here and please stop on over to check out Skulldust Circle to see what we five writers have going on at all times! 

    See you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

    Please visit MY HOME PAGE to enjoy an extended reading experience, see direct links to purchase my full length novel, Covenant of the Faceless Knights, the short stories: Wothlondia Rising, and to see what else Ashenclaw Studios, LLC has in store in the future!

    Cover art by William Kenney!

    All maps, names and content copyright Ashenclaw Studios 2012 unless otherwise noted. All Stories related to In The Shadow of the Black Sun & Embremere are copyright William Kenney 2012.

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