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Will Van Stone Jr. Interview

Here is my Interview with Disney-lover extraordinaire and parnaormal/fantasy writer, Will Van Stone, Jr.! Enjoy!

First off, tell us a little bit about you...My name’s Will and I’m a writer and artist with a day job as a test proctor. I was born and raised in Connecticut. I’m obsessed with Disney. In fact, there was a time I dreamed of working for them but then they stopped making their animated classics. But that love of drawing and storytelling has stayed with me.

Tell us about your books/What genre do you consider your books?Well, so far I’ve released “Stormfront: The Three – The Death Dealer” and, with S.I. Hayes, “Awakenings: The Wrath Saga.” Both are the beginning of their respective series that have as much to do with magic and mayhem as they do with personal relationships. “Stormfront: The Three” follows a young assassin named Dylan Bradshaw as he fights against his own organization when he becomes their target. Along the way he discovers he is more powerful than he ever imagined. “Awakenings” tells the story of a clan of vampires, werecats and werewolves living in New Orleans when the Slayer, the product of a centuries old feud between mortal and mystical, rises and cuts a bloody swath down the east coast.

“Stormfront: The Three” falls in the action/adventure genre though the technology used and the abilities he has and develops lend it a science fiction quality. “Awakenings” is more of a supernatural/fantasy soap opera, like “Dark Shadows” or “Kindred: The Embraced.”

When did you start writing? I started really writing in seventh grade when I was given an assignment to write a story about a hero. After that, I wrote constantly though most of those stories are long lost.

Why do you write? I write because I love it. I love crafting stories and creating characters and entertaining people. It’s also a great therapy; any time my head gets too full of less entertaining thoughts, I can funnel it all out onto the page.

What would be your choice for a superpower?Weather manipulation, same as my favorite superhero Storm. Fly, rain down hail and lightning bolts? Who wouldn’t love to do that?

Who is your favorite author?Anne Rice.

What are you reading now? “Incubus Dreams” by Laurell K. Hamilton and “Star Trek: Death in Winter” by Michael Jan Friedman, “Simple Simon” by by Ryne Douglas Pearson and a few others. I tend to juggle multiple at once.

Who is your favorite character to write? That’s too tough. I don’t know that I could choose just one. It’d be like asking someone who their favorite child is.

Do you have a writing process? I normally have something on in the background that reminds me of what I’m writing. It keeps me in that state of mind. I write and rewrite the same scenes over and over before moving on because things are always changing as I move the story forward. Probably why it takes me so long.

What advice would you give to an aspiring author? Enjoy the rise and fall. There’ll be a lot of both. And be ready for the haters cause they’ll always come. Don’t take bad reviews personally. And don’t stop if it’s what you want to do.

What inspired you to pursue writing?I had an idea and wanted to see it happen.

What are your favorite TV shows/Movies to watch in between writing?I’m hooked on “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story: Coven” and, you know, Disney.

What are your current projects?A horror novel, “Innocence Lost,” is my front burner project. I also have material for “Le Fey” (a King Arthur retelling) and a new “Death Dealer” book, a prequel to “Stormfront: The Three” insisting on getting its turn.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to readers?To those who already read and enjoy my work, I am thrilled you do. That is what makes writing worth it. To those who don’t, I hope you’ll give it a try and maybe even like it.

Quick Fire:
Cats or dogs? Cats
Coffee or tea? Coffee
Favorite food? Chicken
Vanilla or chocolate ice-cream? Chocolate
What are 3 things you never leave home without? Cell, debit card, ?
Laptop or desktop? Laptop but they never last long
Who are 3 famous people you would to hang out with? Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anne Rice, Asa Butterfeild
TV or Movies? Movies. Nothing’s better than watching on the big screen.

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