Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tower of Torment COVER REVEAL!

Once again, the incomparable William Kenney has provided the amazing artwork that I envisioned and which he has flawlessly translated onto paper for me! I could not be more excited!

I also wanted to say that although this is book 4 in my series, each book has a stand alone story with a conclusion. The overall arcing story line continues from book to book and certainly will fill in some blanks for the reader, but feel free to indulge book 4 as your first jaunt into the Realm of Ashenclaw!

Also, the Beginnings saga has concluded and The Embers of War saga is now underway. It is the 4th book overall in the Realm of Ashenclaw series and I hope you follow along as the characters have undergone some transformations emotionally and physically. This particular book certainly introduces some major tragedies that I believe humanizes the characters in ways I did not think possible. It is a bit darker than the others and think it displays the protagonists in a different light than before. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this one as much as I did writing it!


This is my best work to date and, if I may be so bold,William's best cover!

The Avatar succubus, Nahemia, hovering over Queen Lynessa of Norgeld
by William J. Kenney

If you are so inclined to hire William for his artistic abilities, please contact him here: Also, check out WIlliam's own works on Amazon by clicking the link for his name when you look at any of my work.

See you all in Wothlondia! Cheers!

All Artwork and covers of my works by William J. Kenney


Also, Please join me and the other amazingly talented authors over @ Skulldust Circle where we have formed a Writer's Circle that must be seen--a collection of brilliant, up & coming independently published speculative fiction authors with much to give both now and in the future!

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