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Preview of Wothlondia Rising 3: Maturation Process

In book 3 of the series, I dive into the past of the high elf, Elec Stormwhisper! The genre is high fantasy/epic fantasy with a hint of young adult flavor once more as Elec, although advanced in years, is still a very young elf in the story. The book is entitled MATURATION PROCESS and will be available for sale by month’s end through the kindle select program. I am giving my readers a sample of the short story here as well as a preview of the amazing artwork for my cover provided by the absurdly gifted William Kenney! This also features the wondrous editorial stylings of Stephanie Dagg
The story covers a time in the past of Elec Stormwhisper where he is in a process of finding himself and discovering who he truly is. I hope you enjoy the sample and it will be on sale for a measly 99 cents! Keep an eye on my Amazon Author Page to see when it is released.
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Cover of MATURATION PROCESS by William Kenney
 Maturation Process is the telling tale of the high elf, Elec Stormwhisper, who lives in the overbearing shadow of his Father, Keryth. Treated as an outcast and feeling alienated from his own people, he exiles himself for a decade, finding a friend in a strange place and begins to accept his own unique destiny. Will this young and inexperienced elf ever find his true calling?

Wothlondia Rising is a series of short stories set in the original fantasy setting entitled the Realm of Ashenclaw. The series details life altering, significant events from the past that shape the course of these important characters, setting them on the path that will change their lives forever!

Morning came once more and the passing of time did nothing to quell the guilt that Elec felt. He approached his alchemy that morning with passion unparalleled, diving into his work in order to forget about his problems. The hours passed and he continued mixing and testing elixirs, theorizing about different effects based on his findings.
Faorath entered his nephew’s workspace and found Elec engrossed in his work. He moved into view, startling Elec and nearly causing him to drop his latest potion, but fortunately he snatched it back in a flash.
“You have good reflexes,” Faorath proffered, nodding to Elec and watching him as he pushed aside a curly strand of dark hair from in front of his eyes.
“Thank you, uncle,” Elec answered, still focused on his experiments. When he finally managed to look up, he witnessed his uncle exploring the contents of his bookcase, which was filled with texts on the topics of magic and science.
“I wrote this one, you know,” Faorath informed him, pulling one tome in particular from the shelf. It was a book explaining the training and handling of exotic magical beasts.
“Yes, and it is something that I want to discuss with you,” Elec admitted. “I would like to train as a Wind Rider.” Faorath’s amber eyes widened at this revelation.
“Your father—“                                          
“Would be more than happy to be rid of me,” Elec finished the sentence for him. “I would no longer be a disappointment to the family and this would perhaps free my mind from the torment of spellcasting.”
Faorath stood silent for several moments and then nodded his affirmation. “Very well, I will approach your father on the subject.” He smiled a wide grin in appreciation of Elec’s decision as he strode to the exit.
When Faorath returned over an hour later, he found Elec once more deep in study, but this time he was reading the book his uncle had written. Elec looked up from the thick tome and smiled, nodding a greeting.
“I have read this book at least seven times,” Elec disclosed. “I have always wondered what it would be like to fly above the trees and into the clouds, to discover what Wothlondia and even all of Krotto has to offer in the ways of nature’s beauty.”
“It did not take much convincing for your father to agree to this,” Faorath stated bluntly as he stood with his hands on his hips. “He feels that if he presents this news to the elders, it will assuage their doubts and help his standing to remain as it was—‘unblemished’ was the word he used, I believe. No matter, Stormwhisper has been a powerful name in the family of high elven mages over thousands of years, as you are reminded each day.”
“Aye,” Elec agreed. “I feel that if I had been something of a real Stormwhisper mage, I could have stopped Jhaeronas.”
“You are a real Stormwhisper, Elec. Do not doubt this. Just because you do not show an aptitude for manipulating the powers of Arcana does not make you any less a family member.”
“That is not what my father says,” Elec refuted. “My sister and brother and all of the Stormwhispers before them were able to do this. I do not understand why I cannot.” Elec peered into a mirror. “I even look different than all of my family,” he added, twirling a lock of his dark hair in his fingers, then flicking it away in disgust. “I have dark hair and my eyes are unlike those of any of my kin. I have never seen another high elf with features such as mine!”
“Your masteries lie elsewhere. That is quite obvious,” Faorath offered, waving a hand over the workspace. “You are quite a remarkable alchemist, as well as an expert in the ways of mechanics. As for your features, you are exotic, yes, but it adds to your unique character. It does not detract from anything you do, nor does it define you. You will do well to remember that.”
Faorath headed to the door, pulled the handle and swung it wide open. “Come to me when you are ready to begin your training.”
Elec watched the door close behind him and returned to his book. But try as he might, this time he could not digest the words, for his mind was elsewhere. 

I hope you enjoyed the sample! See you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

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Cover art masterfully executed by William Kenney!

All maps, names and content copyright Ashenclaw Studios 2012 unless otherwise noted.



  1. Fantastic cover, Gary. I hope this books is as successful as it deserves to be.

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words, Steph! Eventually people will stop and take notice. :) I believe that hard work pays off eventually, I just need to be patient. Just like you!