Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Fantasy Covers...

Good evening folks! It has been a while since last we spoke. Hope all is well with you and yours. 

The reason that I have posted today was that I have reworked my fantasy series book covers in the Realm of Ashenclaw setting and wanted some feedback.

Are they too simple? Do they suggest fantasy? Are they something you might take a look at, does it draw you in?

I like to test things quite a bit with my work and wanted to try something to shake up the series, despite the excellent artwork on the prior covers. Here they are:

Please comment and let me know.

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All Artwork and covers of my works by William J. Kenney & Carlos Cara

All maps, names and content copyright Ashenclaw Studios 2014 unless otherwise noted.


  1. The do say fantasy, but as they stand I would not pick them up. I would suggest taking the bevel off the titles (it can stay on 'Realm of Ashenclaw' and author name), making them flat. You can keep cracks, texture, etc, but the bevel screams "default photoshop layer effect". Same with the glow on 'The Anthology'. Often a good typeface with proper composition is all you need.

    If you do want some variation or depth to the titles, try a subtle gradient across the layer.

    Tower of Torment looks best of the bunch and all I would change there is reducing the white part of the chrome reflection in 'Torment' so that it is closer in tone to the rest of the lettering.

    The black background might be a little simple for some - it might be nice to add a common texture or landscape backdrop, but darken it to near-black - this would also echo the chrome reflections. That's just an idea though, worth trying but might not work.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Dan, thanks for the ideas. I will try to play around with them again this weekend. Wish me luck!