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Take a Walk With Me...Over To Skulldust Circle!

Important Announcements!

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I am going to be shifting my efforts over there in the near future to add to the amazing writers already gathered there. Join the likes of William Kenney, Jeremy Laszlo, Ben Martin, Ross Kitson, David Woods, Stefain and Gary Vanucci (that’s me).

If you liked the content that I brought you here at Eye on Ashenclaw, please follow me over there. Not only will you hear my insane prattling and opinions, but you will receive exclusive previews, excerpts and things that I cannot fathom just quite yet over there. And not just from me, but from these other amazing writers that I have been lucky enough to meet and read. Do yourself a favor and get in on the ground floor of what I think is going to be an amazing ride! You will be able to say: ‘I was there before it went viral!’

That being said, I will check back in here and re-post and continue to shoo you all over to Skulldust, but I will check in from time to time for important announcements and will double post here and there for a short time until you have all followed me over there!

I appreciate all of my fans, followers and contributors from here and love you all… in order for me to continue this loving relationship, please follow me over to Skulldust Circe if you haven’t already…you will not be disappointed.I promise!

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I will also be sharing an exclusive excerpt with you now from my upcoming short story:  STRENGTH OF FAITH 

The five servants of The Shimmering One formed up next to one another, Bralon at their head, as they absorbed the brunt of the undead charge--creatures slamming into their blades and shields in a cacophony of screeches and guttural sounds unintended for man’s ears. Filled with a blessing of divine strength, the paladins slashed and sliced into the sickening and diseased flesh as body parts were sent flying away.
Garius could sense the stench of disease on these filthy abominations and a miasma of contagion was released into the air around each and every one of the foul creatures. He waded through the dead bodies on the floor and allowed the invigorated knights to cut a swath through the horde of zombies. He removed his holy warhammer and gripped his shield tightly, fastening it to his left arm as he joined them.
Art by William Kenney

For several moments, the divinely charged warriors cut down their enemies with ease, never slowing or tiring and their blows were charged with the strength of a dozen men. Blow after blow took the zombies down, one by one, until the speed of their attacks slowed.
Divah watched from afar in horror and felt the bile within her throat, threatening to spew forth.
 How are they doing this? she thought, seeing the volume of the undead creatures and knowing that there were only five of them.

There are dozens of the foul things!
She held fast and watched with mouth agape as the scene unfolded.
Garius strode into the midst of the chaos and mouthed a prayer, holding his sun-symbol in his grasp as reassurance and continued his invocation with conviction in his tone. The paladins heard his words and pressed their attack, not allowing a single of the anathemas within to disturb the warpriest. The words grew in strength and reached their crescendo as the priest held both hands on high.
“You shall not win this day!” Garius screamed as his eyes filled with a white light as did the rest of his body. That radiant and brilliant energy burst forth from him all at once, bathing the area in light so bright that none could see within the divine beacon.
“Your perdition is fulfilled!” Garius shouted as the radiance burst forth from his body.
Undead creatures fell in droves around the holy attack, simply melting or reduced to ash right before the eyes of the paladins. Micah swung roughly at a zombie and nearly sent himself sprawling to the ground as the creature turned to nothingness right before his eyes. All told, several dozen of them fell under the ubiquitous light.

But when their vision cleared, it seemed that a dozen more simply took their place.

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See you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

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Cover art on Distant Familiarity provided by William Kenney!

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