Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sample Sunday Exclusive Excerpts...

Brand new exclusive excerpts from my newly re-released debut novel on Kindle for $4.99!

On sale exclusively for the Kindle for only $4.99

Thaurion slowly approached a door. He turned the handle and it opened without a noise, thankfully. In he stepped and observed many shelving units holding various books and scrolls. The shelves were many and set up to give the room a maze-like quality. He walked down one aisle and pulled a book from the shelf.
He peered through the gap made by the vacant book and saw a blue eye glinting back in the torch light. Thaurion gasped and let out a loud and involuntary yelp, quickly turned to run and inadvertently smashed headlong into one of the shelving units, smacking his forehead hard against its solid framework. He fell to the ground as his world was suddenly spinning. His vision blurred as he tried to rise.
Again he turned to run, disoriented from the massive blow he inflicted upon himself and saw the huge bulk of something moving toward him, hands outstretched and reaching for him!
He panicked and again, Thaurion found himself running into another unyielding obstacle. Looking back to see if the creature was following, he ran headlong into the thick door frame this time and the darkness claimed his consciousness.

Garius began an incantation himself, invoking a blessing to The Champion, the god of war, as the more primal and savage orc began to shuffle toward him. In answer to his prayers, he became instantly infused with divine strength. His adrenaline spiked and his muscles expanded slightly, his armor adjusting with the transformation. He was clearly larger now and even more powerful than before within his plated armor. He removed The Repentant from his back, infusing it with holy energy as the runes burst with radiant light and the hammer’s head shone brightly. He met the first blow head on from the bone-hewn staff, erupting in a loud and thunderous impact that rung out within the spacious cavern as the two engaged in a divinely driven death duel.

Orngoth used his club and his fist, smashing bone and flesh and simply extinguishing the life from the goblinoids barring his way with his forceful swings. He hit them with such tremendous force that most of them died instantly.
His prey was close now and he recognized a grin begin to creep across the commander’s face. Only one orc stood between Orngoth and Grubb now as he gripped his club with both hands. He then brought the full weight of the massive club down upon the creature, shattering many bones and receiving a parting slice across his left thigh as he did.
Oblivious to the pain, he kept moving.
In a show of either great bravery or great stupidity, the orc managed to stand again. Orngoth battered it absently over and over again until it stopped twitching. He roared and stood on top of the dead orc’s helmet and then snarled at the commander.
A dented and misshapen shield appeared in the commander’s left arm and in his right hand, he held up the gem that Orngoth held so dear in a teasing manner, wagging a finger at him.
“Not a step closer beast or I will destroy the gem,” Grubb warned.

I hope you enjoyed the new excerpts.

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