Sunday, March 4, 2012

Realm of Ashenclaw 4e D&D RPG Supplement

Continuing our weekly theme regarding the many talents of William Kenney, I wanted to inform my readers—especially the gamers—that we have a Realm of Ashenclaw 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game supplement available in PDF form. We are also working on a print version which should be available shortly. They can be found on RPGNOW with both Quick and Full Size Previews!

William did all of the artwork within and most of it can be seen here on my ART PAGE. More of Williams’s artwork can be seen on his Deviant Art Page.

High Council Members: Nimaira, Rolin & Tiyarnon
Myself, Nicholas and Elizabeth Titano and Tom Sallustio worked very hard on this supplement and I hope it is received well. It includes 2  NEW CLASSES in the Heroic Tier as well as 5 NEW THEMES! It is only listed for a measly $5.99 (an absolute steal!) and includes a map, all of the artwork and descriptions of every main region in Wothlondia, including the fabled 5 cities! It is 90 pages of brand new material, with each city or feature having an ‘At a Glance’ feature with which any DM can use to spur on a storyline. We encourage any gamers to check it out, regardless of what version of the game you play just to take advantage of the story hubs that may result from the Atlas of Wothlondia chapter.

We will be doing updates here and on my website in the future if anyone wants more information and will also be tackling a 5th edition supplement as time and licensing permit. With that being said, please enjoy the supplement and as always, I would love comments and feedback!

See you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

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All artwork provided by William Kenney

All maps, names and content copyright Ashenclaw Studios 2012 unless otherwise noted.

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