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Wothlondia Rising Reviews

Just wanted to share a few nice reviews along with a 5 star rating I received on Goodreads and Amazon from those individuals who enjoyed the first short story in the Wothlondia Rising series. Their reviews are as follows~

Review Number One:
Rick F. rated it 5 of 5 stars

The absolutely fascinating and original plot of this series of connected short stories written by the brilliant Gary Vanucci is magnificent and addicting in its scope.

"Distant Familiarity is the tale of three legendary figures in the history of Wothlondia, who are attempting to recover an ancient evil that was stolen away from them. Tiyarnon the High Priest, Rolin Hardbeard and Nimaira Silvershade set out to recover the artifact that has forever altered their former companion Sadreth, turning him into an unclean lich! Can these ancient heroes find and recover the item before it is reunited with its former host?"

I found myself immediately (and happily) plunged into a complex and remarkable world, peopled by characters so well drawn and locations expertly painted by words. Wothlondia Rising 1: Distant Familiarity is so very unique is so many ways - all of them laudable. As we accompany Tiyarnon the High Priest, Rolin Hardbeard and Nimaira Silvershade on their harrowing adventures, the reader feels as if he/she is truly a part of their quest- a rare feat only able to be accomplished by a truly fine writer. Gary Vanucci is a truly fine writer, indeed!



Review Number Two:  
5.0 out of 5 stars An Ominous Beginning.....

As a prologue/prequel to the events in the novel "Covenant of the Faceless Knights" the first installment of these short stories doesn't fail to disappoint. Mr. Vanucci gives a a very insightful background to three characters that aren't the "main" characters of his first novel. In this short story he gives the reader an insight of the incredible evil that is the background for his epic stories to come....

Review Number Three: 
(I had to add this one recently, too!)
Stephanie Dagg rated it 5 of 5 stars 
Wothlondia Rising: Distant Familiarity is the first in a series of short stories by this very talented science fiction author. The realm of Wothlondia is a fascinating one, with distinctive landscapes and a rich variety of inhabitants, including dwarves, elves, barbarians, ogres and zombies.
This story introduces us to the three friends Tiyarnon the High Priest, Rolin Hardbeard the dwarf and half-elf Nimaira Silvershade. It’s a touching account of their relationship as they unite to face an old and dangerous enemy who may possibly be too powerful for them to defeat. Can he control their wills and turn them against each other? Or do they know and trust each other well enough to overcome Cyrza’s challenge?
Gary Vanucci creates excitement and tension in this story through the cleverly constructed, fast-moving plot and his inspired use of language which ranges from the brutal to the beautiful.
This is definitely a book to read and an author to watch out for. 

I just wanted to share these with my peers and followers! It is nice to receive validation for your hard work every once in a while. I am sure that other authors are dying for reviews and will touch on this in a blog later this week on that very subject, so stay tuned!

See you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

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