Saturday, February 4, 2012

SIGNED Covenant of the Faceless Knights GIVEAWAY!

After speaking with a good author friend of mine, he suggested I do a book giveaway on Goodreads to attempt to generate some fan interaction. I have followed his advice and
(you can see in the right hand column here---->)
that I have gone ahead with his suggestion. I am hoping to generate some new interest and to give two signed copies of Covenant of the Faceless Knights away to some fans who are interested in reading it. I am also hoping that the fine folks who win the contest will give me reviews up on Amazon and other places!

I am excited about the direction we are taking here @ Ashenclaw Studios and hope that everyone enjoys the works as well as the quality of merchandise out there. I am trying to offer the best product I can at the most affordable prices.

So, enjoy the contest, I am hoping that it garners some new fans, some new looks and that the winners are satisfied! Best of luck to those who enter and as always, see you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

Please visit MY HOME PAGE to enjoy an extended reading experience, see direct links to purchase my full length novel, Covenant of the Faceless Knights, the short stories: Wothlondia Rising, and to see what else Ashenclaw Studios, LLC has in store in the future!

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