Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pushing Forward with the RPG Supplement

Since 5e D&D is not coming out anytime soon, late 2013 at the earliest is our guess, I am announcing that Ashenclaw Studios is still going to release the 4e adaptation of my Realm of Ashenclaw RPG supplement. Instead of giving the people a full-fledged brand new and complete character class though, we are intending to give the already completed Heroic Tier versions of the Hermetic Warrior (the name has not changed; 4e striker class design) and the Forrester (an essentials Ranger-Defender build).

Play testing is still going on and we have a few new monsters that we think everyone will absolutely love. The supplement will include a map, brief descriptions of a good portion of the land, new monsters, new themes, a few new feats and the two above mentioned classes. It will also have some fantastic sketches inside! I have an artist on board that is just blowing us away with his interpretations. The supplement is going to be available mostly as a download, but I am looking into possibly doing a print version, but have not decided for sure yet. We think that we have something really cool to share with the gamers @a very fair price (still undecided exactly, but under $10.00) and have provided enough information to allow any gaming group to run with the ideas and interact with the landscape!

See you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

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