Thursday, January 12, 2012

D&D 5th Edition is Lurking…

How does that make you feel?

Me vs. Troll...

D&D is in another state of flux. What is this I am talking about? See the official announcement here on the WOTC site. The message boards have been filled with rumors, players that are annoyed, upset, and even those that welcome the new changes, whatever they may be. According to Mike Mearls, the head of Dungeons & Dragons development, this statement and many others were made and will hopefully be adhered to as a promise moving forward. Only time will tell. Here are his comments regarding the current edition:

“The announcement of a new D&D doesn't mean that 4th edition is now a lame duck. Wizards recognizes that the game still has a very loyal following, and pledges to continue supporting 4th edition during the testing cycle of the new edition and beyond. "We plan to continue offering people access to tools like the D&D Character Builder and the D&D Monster Builder to support 4th edition," Mearls said. "We're also exploring ideas for conversion tools so that some of the 4th edition characters and content will be playable with the next edition." In other words, Wizards vows it's not replacing 4th edition, but merely adding another layer of rules that will cater to the people unhappy with the latest edition's changes.”
The whole article can be found HERE on Escapist

Everyone has been talking about this on message boards, including a very good Forgotten Realms author you may want to get to know named Erik Scott De Bie. On his blog, he spoke of the ways he would go about implementing a ‘new system. If you missed that, it can be found here on his BLOG.

I really love Erik's ideas and feel that he has given it a ton of thought. My feeling echoes pretty much everything he stated, including more novels per year AND most importantly, making the new edition be a building block on top of the current 4e rule set. Perhaps additional rules that simplify combat for those who want to speed it up and even retro-fit some of the realm-specific ideas in so that one could convert the current version to any edition of the game. Asking a lot? Maybe, but in this fast-paced video–game age, any RPG is going to need a shot in the arm in order to compete.

Can you please all of the gamers? I highly doubt it, but I would love to see them try. That's all for now. We all have a ton on information to absorb. In closing, I hope that it brings gamers together to enjoy a more broad-based, loose-fitting system that everyone can enjoy.

See you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

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