Sunday, November 20, 2011


I received a piece of artwork from a friend and fellow author, William Kenney and was inspired. So, I decided to do a piece on the high elf from Acillia from Covenant of the Faceless Knights.

Elec Stormwhisper—Elec is a high elf in the Realm of Ashenclaw. He hails from the island home of Acillia where he and his people lead a secluded lifestyle. They participate with the other races in trading goods and services when need be and involve themselves only in times of great need.
Elec Stormwhisper by William Kenney
 All high elves have a natural aptitude for the arcane arts, unlike the forest elves, who prefer the use of bows and swords instead. Elec did not show signs of arcane mastery, much to the chagrin of his father, Keryth. Instead, he excelled in the areas of alchemy as well as disciplines that involved cunning and use of his dexterous digits, including designing, building and disarming mechanical traps.

Elec also trained for several years with his Uncle Faorath in the areas of training exotic pets—specifically giant eagles—in the ways of befriending them and using them as flying mounts. These talented few are called the Wind Riders of Acillia.

On many special celebrations and prior to leaving on his mission as an envoy, Elec was gifted with many ancient elven magical items by his uncle, who continues to support and encourage the young elf in any way he can.

Elec has dark hair and white pupils—both unusual features for the high elves, who usually tend toward eyes of blue, amber, violet or green and hair that ranges in color from silver to gold. Elec is a very insecure combatant, he often compensates for his lack of natural prowess with his constant use of combat-enhancing alchemical elixirs, which in his mind, he has perfected. He often experiments on himself, using different combinations that meet with varying results. He is understandably an expert in the surrounding fields of alchemy and botany.

Elec uses two very unique weapons, a longsword named Daegnar Giruth. He also has a second weapon, a dagger called Wyrm's Fang. Here is an excerpt describing each...

Daegnar Giruth was readily in his right hand. It was a magnificently crafted sword, fashioned of ancient magic with runes about the blade. Its hilt was long enough that Elec could wield it with two hands, yet light enough to use it with one. It also possessed an unearthly power that could drain a portion of physical strength from an enemy with every slash of its fine edge.... 

Shifting his hand to the center of his swords hilt to balance it in one hand, he reached under his cloak to his belt and he withdrew a second weapon. Wyrm’s Fang was its name. It was a dagger so sharp that he had once used it to cut into stone without so much as dulling the blade...

See you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

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  1. White PUPILS??? cannot even think about that!

    but you write very engagingly....


  2. Well, thank you for stopping by and for your kind words! I thought that the white pupils would be a nice touch for my unique elf.