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The City of Oakhaven

Currently, Oakhaven is a booming city—some say even greater than it was prior to the attacks of Ashenclaw. Its population is estimated to be over 19,000 people from varying races and cultural backgrounds and can surpass the 20,000 mark when a festival or event is occurring.

Oakhaven has a most-respected military force known as The Watch that reinforces and protects the city and its laws; set forth by its officials. The city is guided along by a group of ten members called the High Council. Each of these men and women are pillars of the community and represent one of the many guilds or factions that make the town what it is today. They are a fair and just governing force that benefit the entire realm and include such important personnel as the Lord Mayor and Assistant Mayor, as well as the Inspector of Taxes, who keeps the financial responsibilities of the people and the city’s officials in line. Their political structure is mirrored in several other communities and towns and has been widely regarded as a highly democratic system that favors the people and their many needs.

The High Council of Oakhaven~ 

Tiyarnon: High priest of the sun-god—The Shimmering One

Aldranon: Lord Mayor of Oakhaven

Nimaira Silvershade: Guild mistress of Wizardry

Rolin Hardbeard: Master of the Watch and the military

Ganthorpe Randolph
: Asst. Mayor and liaison

Aeldur: Captain of the Watch and the military force in Oakhaven

Merobo Underbough: Merchant and Traders Guild leader

Alstin Reese: Guild master of Lawyers and Scribes

Bemli Gemfist: Guild master of Jewelers and gem cutters

Carrick Ellis: Inspector of Taxes

Guilds of Oakhaven~ 

Here is a list of most guilds one might find in Oakhaven. This is an idea of the prominent guilds that might come into play.

· Guild of Lawyers and Scribes

· Timekeepers’ and Lamplighters’ Guild

· Guild of Wizardry

· Jewelers’ and Gem-Cutters’ Guild

· Merchant and Traders’ Guild

· Masonry and Architects’ Guild

· Bakers’ and Butcher’s Guild

· Cartographers’ and Surveyors’ Guild

· Laborers’ Guild (includes warehouseman and longshoreman)

· Tanners’ and Leatherworkers’ Guild

· Smithy and Metalworkers’ Guild

· Moneychangers’ and Money-lenders’ Guild

· Brewer and Ale-makers’ Guild

· Artisans’ and Engravers’ Guild

· Thespians’ and Playwrights’ Guild

· Teachers’ and Scholars’ Guild

· Street-sweepers’ Guild

· Herbalists’ and Apothecaries’ Guild

· Thieves’ Guild ~ Shadowhands *(Spoiler)

· Assassins’ Guild ~ The Scarlet Web **(Spoiler)

*The Shadowhands is a huge underground organization of thieves and cutpurses in Oakhaven with hundreds under its employ. It is secretly run by the Assistant Mayor of Oakhaven—Ganthorpe Randolph. It stretches from several above ground homes in many districts including both the Nobles Districts and Commons Districts all the way through and under the city in its sewers. Business is conducted in many different places, with a main HQ located in the Warehousing District. Ganthorpe runs the guild with an iron fist and many who have crossed him usually wind up being washed into the River Divide and out into the North Gulf or worse.

**The Scarlet Web is a more mysterious and lightly populated guild with its main HQ unknown. The only thing known is its point of contact—Lady Saphirra—who enjoys conducting business in privacy. Many know of her, but none dare speak her name in public-lest they find themselves an unwitting victim of poisoned food or drink, among other things. Though she employs few assassins overall, the ones she does utilize are rumored to be the best in the realm.

Oakhaven’s Districts~

The city has built up several districts within that satisfy certain criteria and add to the allure and structure of the city. This includes a Trade District, where many merchants from Oakhaven as well as many traveling merchants may trade using both permanent and temporary areas with which to do so. As with many of the other cities, Oakhaven’s Trade District is teeming with merchants and buyers, often spilling out into the main courtyard of the city and sometimes even into the boundaries of other districts. There is an Entertainment District, where travelers and citizens may find gambling of all kinds, as well as a dozen or more taverns and inns selling ale, wine and mead and several different types of food.

The Remedial District is where infirmaries with physicians, temples with healing priests and apothecaries and herbalists can all be found employing their crafts to the unfortunate or ill people of Oakhaven. Curative methods can be procured in the way of elixirs, salves and divine healing gifted to the priests of the many temples within.

The Enlightenment District is where one can find all manners academia, including the well-known and well-respected University of Wizardry, run by Nimaira Silvershade herself. The scholars and historians employed by Oakhaven’s city are the finest in the land, next to the high elves themselves, who have lived for countless centuries accumulating their vast knowledge. Oakhaven is also known for catering to all manner of income, providing accommodations for the laborer as well as the merchant in the Commons and Nobles District respectively, where the domiciles of Oakhaven’s citizens can be found.

A Harvest District can be found separating the Commons and Nobles Districts. This area was built on rich soil and produces many trees, flowers, plants and edible fruits and vegetables that help feed the people of Oakhaven as well as providing some food for trade with other cities.

The Business and Craft District is located just beyond the Hall of the High Council and is quite large. This area houses all of the businesses and guild houses where daily business is done (other than trading). All offices and storefronts can be located within, such as the Jeweler, Butcher, Smithy and Baker to name a few. All of these businesses also provide an area in the trade district as well, but a larger selection of items can be found within the walls of their stores.

The Warehousing District is essentially along the docks, placed along the edge of the River Divide, where boats come in from areas that supply Oakhaven in bulk, especially Highport. Most rivers connect at some point to the River Divide, including the Prismatic River that runs from the North Peaks all the way through and empties into the swamps at the base of the Chaos Crests. Warehouses line the backdrop of the docks where bulk items are loaded and unloaded with merchandise coming through Oakhaven to be shipped or received.

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