Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Future of Publishing?

Which Indie Publisher would you suggest?

I am asking all authors and writers who you might be using to publish your blood, sweat and tears that go into your writing and what you get for your hard earned money from that publisher. I know of several that I have been researching: Authorhouse (who published my debut novel), Outskirts Press, Smashwords, Create Space and The Domino Project to name a few that I have looked at recently.

As I move forward with my plan for world domination *pauses for giggles*, I am seriously considering doing only an eBook. I feel that the profit margin is somewhat under my control as well as the distinct pricing (no print cost) and this despite really enjoying the feel of an actual book in my hands. I am learning that going to print with a self-published title seems suicidal. It may not be that way forever or even for some of you established authors—I’d like to hear from you to discuss this! Is this where the market is trending?

On a personal note, I was told by my publisher that there would be a nook and an iBookstore version available in the package I purchased and to this point, they are still not available. I went live end of July, 2011.

The recent moves of Amazon and eBook distributors, who appear to be cutting out the middle man (the big publishing houses), are making the product directly available to the consumer as a download. A friend and fellow author, Theodore Cohen, forwarded me this article about AMAZON.

What do you think, authors?

Is it only a matter of years before all brick and mortar stores disappear and become a thing of the past?

Will our grandchildren and great grandchildren only read books on their smartphones, tablets, PC’s, laptops and such? 

See you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

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  1. My only concern with going away from paper books to Kindles and other electronic devices, is that you need electricity to power these. We may not always have electricity. And I can see a time where a whole legacy of human achievement will be lost because there were no hard copies made.
    Louise Sorensen

  2. Hi, Louise and thanks for stopping by! You actually bring up a fairly good point there. It is a serious possibility that at some point or another, civilization may crumble to the point that some valuable writing may be lost forever. That would certainly be a shame, especially if the classics were lost.

  3. CreateSpace is great for print versions. I recommend all indies avoid Author House, iUniverse etc. Why pay these pubs when you can do it all yourself for next to free. Kindle, Nook and Smashwords for ebooks. Smash will get you into iTunes-Apple, Sony, Diesel and Kobo.


  4. Now he tells me! Thanks for the comments and advice, William. I am living and learning in the field very quickly and could not agree with you more. I have several short stories that i am about to get ready for release and am doing strictly .99 cent downloads for everyone of them direct to the eReaders. May do CreateSpace for my next novel though. Thanks for the advice!