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Races of Ashenclaw: Slagfell Dwarves

I have decided to share a few things that will probably be in a supplement of some kind sooner or later describing races that are unique to the Realm of Ashenclaw. So, without further ado, I give to you a sub-race of dwarves called...

Slagfell Dwarves~

This once common subrace of dwarves is referred to as slagfell dwarves by the populace of Wothlondia. They are pale-skinned dwarves that have descended far beneath the earth in search of treasures. They showed an exceptionally powerful greed, even for dwarves, and willingly plunged deeper into the subterrane a thousand years ago and remain there today, embracing it as their home.

They are completely obsessed with treasure and feel shunned by their brethren, the common dwarves, who actively scolded them, thinking them unwise to dangerously pursue their deepest of desires in the first place. The slagfell have spent many centuries beneath the earth’s surface and have slightly mutated to adjust. They have adapted to the darkness and the lack of sunlight over the last hundred years, evolving their nightvision into something keener, while at the same time, are extremely sensitive to the rays of the sun.

Their bodies are similar to the dwarves, but their skin has turned pale and grey in color. They are also slightly less stocky than the common dwarves found on Wothlondia as their diet is more restrictive, which lends itself to a more natural maneuverability and agility instead.

Slagfell brand themselves, mostly on their heads and necks and chest, which represents a family hierarchy or rank within their own clan. The more markings they have, the higher rank they are. This is an accepted and well known feature amongst their own kind.

Shadowmere is the premier city of the Slagfell Clan and harbors the most of their kind, ruled by King Dolgrath Bloodstone. There are further offshoots of Clan Shadowmere and speculation from King Dolgrath is that he believes several of them defected decades ago, but none have been seen since. As far as he knows, they could be anywhere.

Shadowmere is a large civilization hidden deep within the subterrane of the Dragon Fangs Mountains, where there are many dark and deadly dangers that would end a surface folk’s life very quickly. The city is vast and well-protected, surrounded by hundreds of areas, rich with ore for mining and all within several miles of the city. It is located deep within the subterrane on its lowest levels and is essentially dull and dreary, as they avoid reflective surfaces.

See you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

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