Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Map of Wothlondia in the Realm of Ashenclaw

Inspired by maps that I have seen recently, especially from @infernaltitans and his battlemaps, as well as the map I saw on William Kenney's blog, I drew a map over the weekend from a model I had been using for the last few years in an attempt to improve it. Then I handed it over to Nicholas of Infernal Titans, who is my creative help and business partner and had him add the names, text, etc. This is the black and white version and it is inspiring to say the least! I was extremely excited to see it and we are now working on a color version. I am extremely satisfied with what we have come up with.

Below is the map I had done showing a closeup of the area detailed in Covenant of the Faceless Knights and below that is the most current version of a larger scale version of most of the continent of Wothlondia. I hope it is 'eye candy' for you as well!

Ashenclaw Map in Covenant of the Faceless Knights

Newest Version: Continent of Wothlondia

Next week, I am going to share some info about Oakhaven, the main city in Wothlondia (aka. The Realm of Ashenclaw) in order to shed some light on some things and to give the realm a solid foundation and setting upon which to build. It will also continue to give the reader (yes, you) an extended reading experience with some visuals. My next step will be to map out the city of Oakhaven, possibly within the next few weeks I will have that to share...only time (and my work schedule) will tell.

See you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

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  1. Very nice! I am impressed. You guys did a great job. Very professional. Oh, and thanks a lot for the mention.


  2. You are welcome! I am extremely happy with it so far. I am excited to see what the color version looks like.

  3. Not to take anything away from the original map used but that new one is eye popping! I can't wait to see what you and Nick come up with for the color one! Great job guys!

  4. Thanks a ton! We are working hard on this whole Ashenclaw IP thing, so all I need to do is to get more people (or the 'right' people) to see it!