Friday, July 15, 2011

IAN & Supporting Independent Artists

I have recently joined the Independent Author Network (IAN) who are a group of independent and self published authors networked together to help one another and share experiences, ideas and the like. 

My home page can be found here: Gary Vanucci IAN Author Page

They are very kind and the fee to join is nominal. I would highly recommend any independent authors to look them up and join. You will not get more bang for your buck anywhere else! You can sign up for their monthly newsletter and if you do, you are automatically entered in a drawing where you could win a kindle or even an IPAD2!

You can sign up for their newsletter here: IAN Newsletter

I would do it just for that. Ultimately, I am blogging to petition a support for the independent author, artists, writers, musicians and anyone else that feels that their work is worth the attention.

The past week or so, I have been finding that there is great support as well as a fantastic community that supports independent authors. As one of them mentioned when I bought her book, “I agree that authors are not in competition with one another,” (I am paraphrasing) and it is true. As a matter of fact, I would go so far as to say that each of us wants the other to succeed. The ultimate goal, at least for me, is to get more people reading….

See you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

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