Thursday, July 21, 2011

Covenant of the Faceless Knights available...

My debut novel, Covenant of the Faceless Knights, is available now in hardcover, softcover and eBook HERE!

This also got me thinking. What exactly is it that draws you as the reader into epic fantasy? Is it the setting and the landscape? Is it the allure of the unexplainable such as magic? Is it the fantastic creatures and monsters that lurk in the recesses of the mind such as the vampires, ogres and dragons? Is it the idealistic code of conduct and honor of knights and warriors? Or is it the deceit or tactical strategy involved in overthrowing a kingdom, a castle or merely a king?

When I sat down to write CotFK, the prospect of having a completely blank space to work with was what excited me most. The idea of being able to weave tales within the world that I created was at first a daunting task, but also a very exciting one. The fact that I could literally do anything I wanted because there I was building the landscape from scratch made writing the story so much fun.

I recall writing specific happenings within the Realm of Ashenclaw with Nick Titano. We were literally adding things to an old map I had created many years ago that was the template for Wothlondia (the continent on Krotto, my world, where the action takes place) and moving the landscape to fit the story was quite empowering.

No matter what your draw for reading, I can say that we all need an escape from this world every once in a while to give ourselves a break and the high stakes of epic fantasy novels and the possibility of changing the landscape with the turning of a few pages is truly awe inspiring to me.

So I ask you: what draws you to the genre of fantasy?

Welcome to my world!

See you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

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