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Wake the Dead Reviews

Hello, all! First let me preface by saying, I don't often post anything about reviews, mostly due to their subjective nature, and this being the internet and all. I would say that most commenters, posters, etc, find it easier to snipe than to praise (again, my opinion), but on occasion, we find a gem. That being said, I had to shine a spotlight on two specific recent reviews of Wake the Dead, as the author of the first really validates what I was trying to accomplish in this book and series, while the second states that the book is well done in a quiet way.

Wake the Dead Full Cover
Reviews, as I have stated numerous times, are an authors way of not only learning what the audience thinks, but on those occasions when there is something constructive in there, to learn from them.

When I read these in particular, I was both humbled and filled with joy, and appreciative of the time they spent writing and posting them. And so I say, to everyone who posts a review, and in this particular case, the two I am about to post, I THANK YOU!

The first, a 5 star, can be found here:
I have been a huge fan of "The Walking Dead", so when I started this book, I was expecting to read something along the same storyline at best, something very lame and boring at worst. What I read left me with a smile. Granted, most of these zombie-themed movies or shows will have the same tone to it (some virus causes people to die, and then re-animates them as the undead, causing havoc), but the author has given this story some uniqueness by adding a wolf in the midst, telling us that some are immune to this virus (I think), etc, which makes this story more interesting to me.

In addition to all the action, there is a decent smattering of romance - particularly the love-making scenes I thought were much bolder and intense than some I have read in these so called erotic books. I truly enjoyed those. Towards the end, just as they thought the apocalypse was over (which dismayed me a bit - I was like WTF), they realise that it isn't. I wonder what the author has in store for us next. Can't wait to start the next one. I have greatly reduced giving out 5 stars on reviews, but I can, without hesitation, dole out 5 stars to this book. I highly recommend it especially if you are a "walking dead" fan like me.
The second, a 4 star, was here:
So, when I'm feeling gloomy I cycle through Apocalypse and Zombie books. Some are same old same old, some are intense and some are quietly very good, like this one.

Anyway, I am happy to hear from the readers and like I said, the reviews are very much appreciated from every single author who takes the time to attempt this endeavor of opening your imaginations!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving all!


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