Friday, March 21, 2014

Wake The Dead Free This Saturday!

Wake the Dead is live on AMAZON and exclusively available through the KDP Select program. It will be going FREE this Saturday, 3/22/14 all day! I hope you enjoy it and if you happen to download a free copy, PLEASE try to leave a review!

(Again, this book is intended only for mature audiences)

When Alex's idyllic life becomes hell on earth in the face of a zombie apocalypse, his survival skills keep him one step ahead of danger. With the companionship of a lone wolf, Alex begins to accept this cruel existence, struggling at times to keep a moral compass, and setting out on a new quest of hope where he not only wants to survive, but also seeks to thrive in a world besieged by the living dead.


All Artwork and covers of my works by William J. Kenney & Carlos Cara

All maps, names and content copyright Ashenclaw Studios 2014 unless otherwise noted.

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