Sunday, February 23, 2014


Hello everyone! I am hoping that all of you have seen that Wothlondia Rising is Free on and many other places, and that I am doing a contest for a $25.00 Amazon gift card, of which three readers have already partaken. I would like to see everyone get involved, simply follow the details laid out for you here, and get reading! You have until April 1st.

Also, if you haven't heard yet, I have a new stand-alone novel coming out very soon, entitled Wake the Dead! It is a hardcore zombie apocalypse, which I am very excited to show you all, and well, I'll let you be the judge. 

So, with that last thought in mind, I have released another teaser on WattPad for Wake the Dead. 
Cover art Thumbnail for Wake the Dead by Carlos Cara

Chapter 1 as it stands now, is up on WattPad for the viewing. 

Please sign up for WattPad if you already have not (shameless plug: follow me & vote on my writings!) as it has oodles of amazing stories from thousands of authors for FREE! If you like to read, you should check it out.

And, as always, I hope to see you in Wothlondia in the near future! 


Also, Please join me and the other amazingly talented authors over @ Skulldust Circle where we have formed a Writer's Circle that must be seen--a collection of brilliant, up & coming independently published speculative fiction authors with much to give both now and in the future!

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