Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tower of Torment is live!

Tower of Torment, Book 1 in the Embers of War Saga is now live for consumption! It is the continuation of the Realm of Ashenclaw series that follows the Beginnings Trilogy. I hope you enjoy this one.

The following link will take you to the book on kindle in any country:

Here is the final cover with text to enjoy in a large format! Have a great Thanksgiving everybody! Below is another short excerpt to  enjoy.

The trio of succubi continued to assail his mind with images of chaos and tempting sensual thoughts in an attempt to break his defenses. Within those visions—images of his greatest temptations—he saw the face of Rose Thorne. She was there in all her glory, calling him to her...beckoning him. Lust and yearning for her leaped to the forefront of his consciousness. He blinked and in a moment of clarity, realized the truth for what it was.
As he had done many times in the past, he asked the sun-god for aid in shielding his mind against the demonic abominations. Rose vanished from his thoughts and the demonic visage of a succubus took her place.
His prayers were answered.
An aura of holy warding encircled him, his body and mind suddenly impenetrable against any magical or non-magical source. The Shimmering One was protecting him, exorcising and casting out demonic influence, as he had so many times in the past when he served as a warpriest of the sun-god. He had learned almost everything there was to study about demons and their manipulative ways.
Garius also called to the dark powers of death, asking The Reaper for his gifts of necromantic origin in order to smite their common foes. As he spoke the prayers and uttered the words with clarity, the lingering visions in his mind’s eye all but disappeared completely. A surge of necromantic energy burst forth from him toward the trio of demonesses barring his way.

See you all in Wothlondia! Cheers!

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