Friday, October 25, 2013

Walking Dead Season 4...So Many Questions

Just in time for Halloween, I bring you this theme-laced post. Thanks for popping in.

Well, I just finished watching all 3 seasons again this past weekend or two--instead of writing, I know!--and have been watching the last 2 episodes again looking for clues to all of the burning questions.

creepy, eh?
Let me say that the character development, writing and acting in this show are top notch and one of my three favorite shows on TV worth watching these days (along with Game of Thrones and Suits). I highly recommend all of them if you are not watching them already.

So, before the writers can ruin it with facts, lets discuss the possibilities! Here are my top ten questions we need to answer.

  • 1. Who is feeding the Walkers?
  • 2. Who burned the the bodies of Karen and (Dave?)
  • BONUS QUESTION 2.a Are these events interconnected or were they carried out by different people all together?
  • 3. What caused the flu-virus thingy?
  • 4. How will Karen's death affect Tyreese? 
  • 5. How long have Daryl and Carol been hooking up? (yes, she called him 'pookie' in episode 1 if I recall correctly!)
  • 6. Is Carl up to something or is he being straight with Rick?
  • 7. Will Beth care about anyone ever again?
  • 8. What is with Michonne and the baby?
  • 9. Will the Governor make an appearance this season?
  • 10. And finally, which of the main characters, if any, will die this season? (it's always one or more main characters each season, right?)

So, let the discussion begin!

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See you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

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  1. Well, Carol is the answer to #2, surprisingly! Did anyone else see this coming?