Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Class-Naming Contest for D&D RPG Supplement!

Elec by William Kenney
In the Realm of Ashenclaw novels, Elec Stormwhisper is a high elf with a mastery of alchemical skills. He transmutes plants and herbs into medicinal balms, healing elixirs and for the most part, combat-augmenting potions! In the stories, he quaffs them, one after the other, adding one effect after the other. He has spent years studying them and has perfected the combinations, taking them as far as he can. He uses them to add artificial and temporary boosts to his strength and speed, compensating a bit for his lack of natural raw martial prowess. He also uses the healing mixtures as a preemptive tactic, downing certain combinations that allow him to effectively begin the healing process from the inside out.

Elec by Justine Babcock

When naming the class, we came up with several different tentative names. He is a striker class that uses alchemical potions to enhance his combat and grant him certain effects. His alchemical unions grant him either a speed or strength augmentation as a class in 4th edition D&D.

The first working name was a simple one called the Alchemical Warrior. Then the Alchemic Warrior followed. After a brief research into alchemy, we were using another one called the Hermetic Warrior, based on the definition of hermetic: of, pertaining to, or characteristic of occult science, especially alchemy. Then there was the name Alchemystic, which was thrown about as well. Some of us liked some names, others likes different ones. 

What would you name this class if it was yours?

First off, let me know if you like one of the names listed above.

If we decide to use your suggestion, you will be given credit in the supplement; you will receive a signed hardcover of Covenant of the Faceless Knights and be given a free copy of the RPG supplement once it becomes available!

Good luck and I am really looking forward to seeing some creativity here! Let the naming begin!

 See you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

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Photo by Alexandre Jaeger Vendruscolo.  Elec sketches by William Kenney and Justine Babcock.


  1. Here are a couple more ideas:
    Imbiber Apothecarian
    Imbiber Alchemist
    Alchemical Tempest/Cyclone

    I'll throw some more down later as I think of them.

    Tony Maillet

  2. Hey, Tony! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Hope all is well, my friend. I like some of these and will run the list by the team and see what they all think. If you have any more, feel free to share, tell your friends about the contest and come back to share more with me!

  3. Battle/War/Combat Alchemist
    Battle/War/Combat Chemist

    If the potions had a psi effect I'd go with Augmentalist, but I'd be accused of execrable punning.

  4. If these potions gave a psi effect I'd go with Augmentalist, but that might be considered a groaner of a pun, too. How about Augmentationist, Augmental Warrior, Combat Alchemist, Battle Chemist, or Reagent Warrior?

  5. Melissa, thanks for stopping by to share some ideas with us! As far as we have it defined, it is more a chemical or possibly magical effect than something to do with psionics or something in that vein. I will have the team take a look at the ideas and see what they think. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts and ideas in the future and wish you a great 2012!

  6. Alchemic Warrior is my favorite of the names you listed. It sums up his abilities pretty spot-on.

    A few other ideas:
    Adversarial Alchemist / Assailant Alchemist / Chemical Combatant

    Cool blog, btw. Just joined. Love the artwork!

  7. Rina, thanks for stopping by and commenting! Maybe the way to go is the most simplistic. It is a good thought and thanks for sharing some other ideas with us!

  8. Well, here are some ideas:

    Brew Crusher

    How about you simply call him a "Mortar" (after the herb grinding "Mortar" and "Pestle")?

    Or how about simply "Crusher" or "Grinder"?

    You could go with another direction:

    "Green Lips" or something referring to how he looks when he drinks…

    Or, rather than on focusing on HOW he does what he does, focus on WHAT he does…become a temporarily powerful warrior:

    Flash Fighter
    Blink Warrior

    Okay! Just some thoughts!

  9. Some more:

    Drink Knight
    Battlelock (ie. from "Warlock")

  10. Potion Czar
    Heuristic Striker

    I'm also feeling this one:

  11. Joe, thanks for stopping by and sharing your ideas! I will pass them along to the crew and see what's what. Feel free to join our family here at Eye on Ashenclaw and I look forward to future comments. Thanks again!