Friday, August 19, 2011

Read Books...please?

As usual, this blog has a good amount of my opinion, for better or worse! *gasp*

I would like to open with a simple request: read! 

Is it because I have a book on the market? Maybe….  But, not really…seriously.
This post is not meant to be preachy, though it may come off as such. My message is meant simply to give encouragement! 

I have been watching some pretty bad TV and movie trailers and thinking…wow, it doesn’t matter if it is bad because even bad movies get seen.

I give you a scenario: Someone(s) on a Saturday night is watching a movie that they really intended to watch and then the ‘bad’ one follows it. They leave it on and watch it…even though it’s bad! So, theoretically, we can watch bad movies by accident! You cannot, however, read a book by accident. It has to be intentional, right?

Music, for the most part, is something that you have a very real emotional attachment or detachment to right away also. You only need thirty seconds or less to know whether or not you like a song, but a book might take a couple of chapters to get into a groove. Same thing with comics and graphic novels, but they at least have some visual aid help! (And you would be reading—yeah!)

All in all, I think we need to encourage our little ones, sons and daughters of all ages, siblings, parents, friends and everyone else to read a little bit more. Increasing one’s vocabulary increases your knowledge, which in turn, increases your IQ and may lead to greater academic or financial success down the road. It also might give you advantages in social circles as well…you never know.

Let’s face it, it wouldn’t hurt to turn off the boob tube and pick up a book every once in a while, even for entertainment (*gasp again*). I know as I read in my younger days, I was forced to look words up that I did not understand or I was able to understand their basic meaning due to how the word was used in the context of the sentence.  And yes, I was one of those kids.

In this day and age of social media and instant messaging/texting, one can’t help but notice that the populace (including yours truly) has been abbreviating words. This ends up becoming something that we may start to do in emails at work, or send to a boss or some other professional that will immediately reflect on you in a negative way, even if it was unintentional. I have been getting back into the practice now of typing things out as Mr. Webster intended! 

Then there are common usage mistakes that I see in Social Media every single day. The most common example is your and you’re. ‘Your’ is a possessive pronoun while ‘you’re’ is a contraction of ‘you are’. 

I’ll let Ross from Friends explain it to you...

This is my silly cat, placed here to see if you are still paying attention!
Anyway, all that I am trying to establish is that reading, in my opinion, is:
A) Good for your overall mindset
B) Has a pretty good chance of increasing your vocabulary, and
C) Might just make you smarter 

Now, go read something! And as always, I want to hear from you!

Oh, and if you need a suggestion, there is a fantasy novel from this guy that you can purchase online…

See you in Wothlondia! Cheers!

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  1. First off I apologize for not coming by your blog here sooner. I am looking forward to reading YOUR book but as your post here says reading is just good in so many ways. I was just discussing with a colleague last week how I have changed so much since school. I hated to ready (because I was forced to) and I hated public speaking (same reason previously mentioned). Now I read for fun and am a teacher/instructor for my industry. I will be adding your blog here to my desktop feed so I can keep up with what your are up to next.

    As I side note I was completely shocked to see my old gaming blog from last year listed as one that you are even following. I am truly honored Gary! Unfortunately, I have stopped updating my Wordpress blog and recently created a new on for my gaming adventures on Blogspot here.

    Vivid Adventures is now d20 Musings

    Chad aka cfallsgamer

  2. Fixed the link and following now! I should have checked the I will be giving the blog a once over this evening, but heading out the door for now to get dinner and talk wit a friend.

    Just wanted to say thanks a ton for the support, I really appreciate it! Will talk to you very soon!

  3. Great post. I completely agree and although I might be biased, I think the facts regarding reading have been well established for many, many moons. Reading helps you think. It helps you learn to be a better communicator and a better learner. A little mindless TV every once in a while is understandable, but reading..come can't compare the two! Thanks for the great post.

  4. Heya, Greever! Yes, indeed--the statistics are there to find about the power of reading and communication in any form ,from what I understand, is a pertinent skill to possess!

    I watch more than my share of mindless TV, but it is on the DVR so I can FF through commercials and is usually during dinner time or time put aside with my wife to relax. I never channel surf...Alas, I am too busy to do such things. (BTW, how is it that people are bored...I wish I had time to kill!)

    Thanks so much for the comments and please stop by again in the future to share your thoughts. Cheers!